Sunday, 6 December 2015

Gardening at Art Village Nursery

Besides that gardening is lots of fun and an activity children really enjoy, it is also very beneficial for them, and a great way for them to develop many different skills. One of the things children learn when they plant is responsibility. They learn how to care for the plant and nurture it. They also get a better understanding of the concept of cause and effect. For example, for the plant to grow it needs water or else it will not survive. Children also gain self-confidence through gardening since they feel a sense of achievement once the plant has grown, and they know they helped make that happen. They also learn to care for the environment and get an understanding of the cycles of nature.

Here are some pics of the children planting strawberries and flowers. The children really enjoyed it, and we are now waiting for them to grow so that we can enjoy some yummy strawberries!


Sunday, 1 November 2015



Hope you all had as much fun during Halloween as we did at Art Village Nursery. Halloween is a great holiday for children since they get a chance to dress up, trick or treat, and eat lots of candy. At Art Village Nursery we did plenty of different scary art works and decorated the villa in preparation for our annual Halloween party. We had some unexpected guests during our party, a scary witch and a spooky ghost. Luckily during our trick or treat round the witch gave the children some candy, so she wasn't so scary after all. We had a great evening together and enjoyed lots of yummy dishes and treats that the parents had brought. 


 Here are some pictures of us preparing for   Halloween and some from our Halloween party. 

Sunday, 25 October 2015


    We couldn't agree more with Albert Einstein as we also believe that play is essential for maximum learning to take place. Children learn the most when they are interested and having fun, and our job is to embrace those moments.      

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

We Love Baking! <3


Cooking is a great and most importantly fun way of  engaging children in teamwork, practicing their math & measurement skills, and at the same time give them a chance to explore new foods and learn about healthy food habits. At Art Village Nursery we have cooking sessions once a week with the children. They get to make everything from scones to healthy yogurt ice-cream. As we pour, stir and mix the different ingredients, we explore their texture and taste as well talk as about each step of the process. The children get a chance to count, develop their understanding for measurement as well their interest for different foods.