Sunday, 13 March 2016

Our favorite author is right, today was fun and so will tomorrow! 

At Art Village Nursery we make sure to have fun everyday!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Vroom Vroom... Art Village Nursery is now offering bus transportation service!

The bus picks the children up every morning and carries them to and from the nursery. The children are accompanied by assistant teachers from the nursery. 

For details about areas of transportation call us at +971 52 496 7551

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

               Settle Your Child into Their New World

There's a rite of passage in the journey through parenthood that can cause us mums and dads no end of anxiety - placing our child into the care of others. Even the most easy-going parent can find the whole experience quite heart-wrenching, and - as is often the way with these things - our stress can rub off on our children, making an otherwise adaptable child suddenly resistant to change.
The tips below are designed to make the transition from home to childcare as smooth-running as possible for your child...and you!
Art Village nursery, aims to enable this transition to be as easy as possible. We find that allowing parents to stay with their child until the child feels comfortable in their new surroundings is so much more beneficial than ‘kicking’ the parent out! What usually happens is that the parent and child spend the first week (or two) in the classroom together. For the majority of the time the child has only known one world that includes parents, family and friends. Meeting knew people can be quite daunting to a child in a new environment. We’ve found that allowing parents to stay with their child calms the child and enables the child to settle in quicker.

We know that this can be quite an upheaval for some parents but at the end of this transition period your child will be happy and secure attending nursery. For a child to see their parent in an environment allows the child to feel content knowing that mummy or daddy is not going to leave them somewhere where they will not even stay themselves.
Even very little children are incredibly intuitive and can pick up on adult stresses and anxieties. So if you've been feeling a little unsettled about this new ‘challenge’, your child may gain an awareness that 'mummy is worried about something'. So in the run-up to the big day it's important to try and keep a positive mindset to avoid transferring stress onto your child.
When you're feeling anxious try to remind yourself that your child will gain hugely from being a little more independent from you. They will be getting used to new environments, making new relationships and learning important social skills - all fantastic 'life training' and great preparation for formal education, all these things are beneficial when heading towards all the challenges set forth by children at such young ages sitting assessments to gain a spot at a school. Here in Dubai it seems that children have to grow up so quickly, so one of the main benefits of sending your child to a nursery is that they can aid this transition.
We as childcare professionals understand the emotional turmoil you may be experiencing as you prepare to leave your little one. They will have built up plenty of experience of looking after children that find the transition difficult, and will know how to approach the challenge of separation anxiety. Try and trust us and remember we are childcare experts, well versed in the art of distraction when mummy is about to leave the room! But please remember to say ‘bye’ to not have your child crying in search of you.

If you're worried about any aspect of settling your child into their new environment, share your concerns with us and please remember that we are here for you too. Consider us a part of your extended family where you can all feel right at home.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Gardening at Art Village Nursery

Besides that gardening is lots of fun and an activity children really enjoy, it is also very beneficial for them, and a great way for them to develop many different skills. One of the things children learn when they plant is responsibility. They learn how to care for the plant and nurture it. They also get a better understanding of the concept of cause and effect. For example, for the plant to grow it needs water or else it will not survive. Children also gain self-confidence through gardening since they feel a sense of achievement once the plant has grown, and they know they helped make that happen. They also learn to care for the environment and get an understanding of the cycles of nature.

Here are some pics of the children planting strawberries and flowers. The children really enjoyed it, and we are now waiting for them to grow so that we can enjoy some yummy strawberries!


Sunday, 1 November 2015



Hope you all had as much fun during Halloween as we did at Art Village Nursery. Halloween is a great holiday for children since they get a chance to dress up, trick or treat, and eat lots of candy. At Art Village Nursery we did plenty of different scary art works and decorated the villa in preparation for our annual Halloween party. We had some unexpected guests during our party, a scary witch and a spooky ghost. Luckily during our trick or treat round the witch gave the children some candy, so she wasn't so scary after all. We had a great evening together and enjoyed lots of yummy dishes and treats that the parents had brought. 


 Here are some pictures of us preparing for   Halloween and some from our Halloween party. 

Sunday, 25 October 2015


    We couldn't agree more with Albert Einstein as we also believe that play is essential for maximum learning to take place. Children learn the most when they are interested and having fun, and our job is to embrace those moments.